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666: Connection with Crowley

Laurence Galian

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We humans are a strange mixture of dirt and divinity.”

“The uncertainty, the void, is the perfect place from which to create. It is the place where you can re-invent yourself.”

“Yet, there is another robe that wisdom yet clothes Herself, and of which we must, in most persuasive language induce Her to remove for us. As Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton wrote in Zanoni 'What is it that conceals itself behind this veil?' The fabric is not as coarse as silk but morphic instead; Her diaphanous robe is woven of pure energy.”

“Theosophists refer to the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel as the Silent Watcher (the reader might here recall the author's suggestion to make self-observation or self-watching a major magickal goal). Another term for It is the Great Master. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn call It the Genius. Gnostics say the Logos. Zoroaster talks about united all these symbols into the form of a Lion (see Austin Osman Spare's work). Anna Kingsford calls It Adonai (Clothed with the Sun). Buddhists call It Adi-Buddha. The Bhagavad-gītā calls It Vishnu (Krishna is an Avatar of Vishnu). The Yi King calls him The Great Person. The Kabbalah calls It Jechidah.”

“Our leaders may proffer various explanations about protecting us from terrorism, but the fact is that these leaders are worshiping a monstrous deity. Through the Oligarchical Cartels, as well as Corporatism (such as the Rockefeller Corporations) and through the Queen of England personally, a deliberate depopulation policy is being enacted. They are using substances such as depleted uranium in various United States international conflicts which result in severe birth defects. This increases the death rate through various radiation induced diseases, causing the men and women to become infertile. The result is that the family is broken apart, and the species becomes weak. Therefore, reproduction is severely reduced.”

“Our DNA has a galactic history. True writers, composers, fine artists writers, who go deep within themselves, bring forth galactic information. We are soul-libraries of the galaxy.”

“Just as it was not necessary for Beethoven to know the science of the physical manufacture of the instruments in his orchestra in order for him to compose, it is not necessary for you to understand vortex based mathematics, fractal field theory, dodecahedrons, geometric solids, calculus, Fibonacci series, centripetal force, and quantum physics in order to become enlightened.”

“You are the crowing glory. Remember your splendor.”

“We are becoming universal humans.”

“Water never stops and says, 'Here I am. This is me.' It is forever in motion and twisting and turning into new forms every moment.”

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