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Kelly Yang

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We're all connected to each other. We all breathe the same air into our lungs. None of us are immune to each other's problems, that's why we have to care about each other.”

“know from experience, just because you have a lot of people around you doesn’t make you less lonely. It just makes your loneliness more squished.”

“What does that tell you about America?" Mom asks, opening the door to the car. "That they have no standards?" I ask, still sour over her keeping a secret from me. "No, that they're inclusive! And welcoming of everyone!" Mom says.”

“We should not use this as an excuse to be hateful toward people just because of where they came from. In moments of human tragedy, we need to show compassion and kindness.”

“We never know that life's going to throw at us. But one thing we can control is how we treat each other.”

“The Bay Area traffic is so slow, it's like waiting for a GIF to load.”

“Taxes are like wedgies for adults.”

“Sometimes you just need to look at a problem in a different way to solve it.”

“Mom drops us off in front of Lucky’s, I tell my brother and sister my idea of helping Christopher deliver food. We have bikes and nothing to do after school. We could”

“Love is the only vaccine for hate. It's love that gets us through the hard times. And it's love that will bind us back together as a community, nation, and world.”

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