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Jeffery Deaver

Top 10 Best Quotes

“That's the past for you. Not only does it come back at the most unexpected, and inconvenient, times but it's set in stone.”

“It's becoming apparent that I like bad boys. That's one of my problems. They've all been bad boys. You're one too. You're a bad boy. But, I think you're a good bad boy.”

“I liked old time music but what i meant by that was the period from the 1930s through the 60s, nothing before and little after.  Performers like fats waller, Sinatra, billie holiday, louis armstrong, rosemary clooney, ella, sammy Davis Jr, dean martin... If the lyrics weren't stupid. Words were important.”

“It's a tough life, she'd said. "It's the little things that get us through the day.”

“But it works that way if it works.”

“I was disappointed. Voice analysis can tell a lot about the caller: gender, most of the time, national and regional roots, illnesses, even reasonable morphological deductions can be made about the shape of the nose, mouth and throat. But at least we had a confirmed spelling of the principal’s name, which was a plus.”

“At the front door I spit on the hinges to keep them from squealing and we eased it silently open.”

“You know what he was telling me just the other day?” “What?” “Korea, right, you’d think it was tea, tea, tea. Like China and Japan. But the last emperor of Korea, his name was Sunjong, the nineteen twenties, he loved the West and always had coffee at the palace. He and his father would sit around drinking coffee and talking about world affairs. Word got around and the citizens began to drink coffee. They liked to do what their emperor does. There’re more coffee drinkers in Korea than any other Asian country. They even have coffee shop hookers. Dabang girls, they’re called.” He”

“Which one I like better?” “That’s the question, Mr. Tour Guide.” I felt suddenly awkward, like I was being tested on something I hadn’t studied for. I didn’t really know which one I liked more. The only photos I looked at regularly were surveillance and crime scene shots. Aesthetics didn’t count. Finally,”

“When innocent people find themselves in situations that require the presence and protection of people like me, their reaction more often than not is as much bewilderment as fear. Mortality is tough to process. But”

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