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Drowning in Stars

Debra Anastasia

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The ache in my chest hurt again. I didn’t know how to be me without her.”

“I had to choose between you or me. I chose you.” Pixie Rae was glowering at me like she was holding a baseball bat to bullies. That was my girl. The no shit taking bad ass that somehow taught the world to be better for her.”

“I faced her and she faced me, and in the space between us in bed, she held out her hand. I took it in mine. Connected at the heart. I went to sleep soon after instead of worrying about the ramifications of what we had done. The safety was a sedative.”

“And then he came in for the kiss. It was him and I was so used to him, but in a totally different way. A new way. Changing everything and realizing that nothing really had to change. He was already mine. His kiss was just ours. So different than the accidental kiss when we were kids. His lips tasted good. Slow and gentle, but my heart was racing fast. He stopped and checked my eyes. I nodded slightly. I was good. This was good.”

“had to tell them what happened. How it happened. How many times it happened. I am so very sorry Gaze. And now my punishment is no you and it’s killing me. Can missing someone kill you? I think it will.”

“You’re my heart. They know that. They all know that. There’s no me without you.”

“I’m yours.” I kissed her forehead. “I hope I’m enough.”

“Just being together. Peace flooded my system. She was just right. Still. After all this time.”

“I wasn't a puppy with my tail between my legs. If he wanted to hit me, it’d be the start of a fight that I would end.”

“I was her something special.”

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