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Barefoot ~ A Surfer's View of the Universe

Andrew Pacholyk

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Waves are like friends. Some are big and bold, some not so much. Others come to greet you, while still there are those you have to chase. There are those which are deceiving, as they look good in the beginning, but will betray and crush you in the end. It’s truly hard to know the perfect wave. Only when you are within its folds do you realize it was either a good or bad decision on your part. By that point, it’s either too late or just right.”

“Often in the waves of change, we discover our true direction.”

“My youthful heart still holds the buoyancy of promise. Even though it is scarred by the ravages of time, there is still hope and possibilities to explore.”

“Live life, one wave at a time.”

“When we perceive peace within ourselves, we reflect it outwards.”

“Value your privilege. Love, honor, and respect these gifts you've been given. They can go as quickly as they came. Make sure they remain special.”

“There is no perfect time to do anything. No matter what point in your life you've reached, we can always find a reason not to do something.”

“There are no bad waves, only bad decisions.”

“The heart of a surfer's life is the connection between the stillness of their board beneath them and the sea that moves about them. This is the one constant in a world that changes minute by minute.”

“No matter who you choose to become, choose to become your absolute best!”

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