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Amor Apocalypse: Canım Sana İhtiyacım

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“With all our understanding of the speed of light, We're yet to cross the distance from heart to heart. With all our fancy equipment of communication, We are yet to listen to those unheard.”

“If they don't hear your silence, Words won't do you any good. Listen to the silence beyond the words, And you shall hear the divine tune.”

“Sanity mustn't guide life, Life is to drive all sanity.”

“Only truth in the cosmos is love.”

“Love alone brings order eternal, Order brought by law is shortlived. Only selfless lovers make good lawmakers, All others are just playing make belief. Let love come as apocalypse and wipe out, All that is rigid, all that is prehistoric. Welcome love into your life as a purifying force, Let it bring you to life anew and terrific. Life is terrific when life has love but, To have love and to have lover ain't the same. Lover isn't one who has someone to love them back, But one who radiates love, despite living in drought without rain. None knows the value of rain, But the land of eternal drought. None knows the value of love, But the heart that loves despite hurt. Only the one who knows pain, Can love another without gain. Only the heart that knows hurt, Can help another without rain.”

“Let me tell you what is love, What is it to be enamored in caring! Reputation, remuneration, turn distant memory, That is the first sign of love's awakening.”

“Home is not where the heart is, home is where the heart is lost.”

“Fear of reason and reason with fear are equally useless.”

“Faith is subordinate to love, Philosophy is subordinate to love, Science is subordinate to love. Until you feel it in your bones, You've got plenty dust to wash off.”

“Day and night are mental constructs, Chemicals cause daybreak, Chemicals cause nightfall. For a being lost in love, what is day, what is night! In front of love, all duality is trivial.”

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