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The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?

Seth Godin

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You get to keep making art as long as you are willing to make the choices that let you make your art.”

“Your job isn’t to do your job. Your job is to decide what to do next.”

“When your art fails, make better art.”

“Art has no right answer. The best we can hope for is an interesting answer.”

“We’ve been trained to prefer being right to learning something, to prefer passing the test to making a difference, and most of all, to prefer fitting in with the right people, the people with economic power. Now it’s your turn to stand up and stand out.”

“Seizing new ground, making connections between people or ideas, working without a map—these are works of art, and if you do them, you are an artist, regardless of whether you wear a smock, use a computer, or work with others all day long.”

“Creating ideas that spread and connecting the disconnected are the two pillars of our new society, and both of them require the posture of the artist.”

“strategy is empty without change, empty without passion, and empty without people willing to confront the void.”

“Correct is fine. But it is better to be interesting.”

“Art is the unique work of a human being, work that touches another.”

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