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Founders' Son: A Life of Abraham Lincoln

Richard Brookhiser

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Since we never get everything we want or need from our families, we look for sufficiency in surrogates.”

“Lincoln began to emerge from his funk by helping a coworker who looked up to him out of a funk of his own.”

“Lincoln admitted his infirmities to make way for his spring.”

“A storyteller, a displaced poet, will absorb reading differently.”

“Young, healthy communities can afford to roll the dice.”

“One of the highest marks of citizenship is fighting for the common defense.”

“Most principles are limp until they are tested.”

“Lincoln learned to summon the passions, but he never addressed his audience as sweethearts.”

“Lincoln bore down or anything he handled, mastering both the details and the principles.”

“It was as simple as walking and as hard as walking on with so far gone and so far yet to go.”

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