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Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!

Peter Davis

Top 10 Best Quotes

“This might make for an awkward situation. I have a talent for awkward situations.”

“I wait for this rare and fleeting event because I can't think of anything else worth waiting for.”

“I hope that as a totally literate human being that you don't even know what "illiteracy" is because it simply doesn't exist in your world.”

“The universe can be incredible! Just try to take this moment in. This is really something!”

“The problem with this poem, from your perspective, must be its lack of financial value. I guess my problem with you, from my perspective, is how you insist on putting a financial value on everything.”

“One can't ever be sure what is more valuable: what has gone away, or what remains.”

“My thoughts are really all I think about.”

“It's beautiful to transcend generations and to just be inside an artistic work, together, enjoying what only a great artistic work can provide.”

“I have this rage that I can't explain. It's sad.”

“I do feel like I have important, beautiful things to say about the world, I just can't think of them at this particular instant.”

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