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Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance

Noam Chomsky

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Another problem with the official definitions of terror is that it follows from them that the US is a leading terrorist state.”

“The missile crisis "was the most dangerous moment in human history," Arthur Schlesinger commented in October 2002 at a conference in Havana on the fortieth anniversary of the crisis, attended by a number of those who witnessed it from within as it unfolded. Desision-makers at the time undoubtedly understood that the fate of the world was in their hands. Nevertheless, attendees at the conference may have been shocked by some of the revelations. They were informed that in October 1962 the world was "one word away" from nuclear war. "A guy named Arkhipov saved the world," said Thomas Blanton of the National Security Archive in Washington, which helped organize the event. He was referring to Vasil Arkhipov, a Soviet submarine officer blocked an order to fire nuclear-armed toredoes in October 27, at the tensest moment of the crisis, when te submarines were under attack bu US destroyers, A devastating response would have been a near certainty, leading a major war.”

“In September 2002 the Bush administration announced its National Security Strategy, which declared the right to resort to force to eliminate any perceived challenge to US global hegemony, which is to be permanent. The new grand strategy aroused deep concern worldwide, even within the foreign policy elite at home. Also in September, a propaganda campaign was launched to depict Saddam Hussein as an imminent threat to the United States and to insinuate that he was responsible for the 9 – 11 atrocities and was planning others.”

“Destroying hope is a critically important project. And when it is achieved, formal democracy is allowed—even preferred, if only for public relation purposes. In more honest circles, much of this is conceded. Of course, it is understood much more profoundly by beasts in men's shapes who endure the consequences of challenging the imperatives of stability and order.”

“On almost all issues, citizens could not identify the stands of the candidates--as intended.”

“It is useful to remember that no matter where we turn, there is rarely any shortage of elevated ideals to accompany the resort to violence.”

“one is tempted to believe that some people in the White House worship Aztec gods—with the offering of Central American blood.”

“Terrorism, he said is 'a reaction to the injustice in the region's domestic politics, inflicted in large part by the US.”

“An enemy combatant can be anyone that the US chooses to attack, with no credible evidence, as Washington concedes.”

“An Egyptian writer added that 'living in a country with an atrocious human rights record that also happens to be strategically vital to US interests is an illuminating lesson in moral hypocrisy and political double standards.”

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