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A Cocktail of Love

Mayank Sharma

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Death is nothing but absence of physical presence”

“You are born and you will die... but BEING ALIVE is your choice.”

“The certainty about the uncertain (in view to life) is that it will remain uncertain till the time its certain.”

“There are three species on the Planet Earth.. Wild Animals Domesticated Animals& Social Animals.. Still some say, Earth is the home for Humans”

“Your deeds are nothing but reflection of your thoughts.once thoughts will turn good... actions on their own will turn better... and the world DIVINE....”

“You were taught to be social animals and not humans... No harm you are behaving like one.”

“You can find three species at any defind area.... Stray animals, pet animals and SOCIAL animals... I wonder where HUMANS are..!!!”

“Once upon a time there was a jungle..... They then built a society, deforesting the land This is how the wild animals went homeless and social animals found a home...”

“Life's like a classic and hardcore boozer!! Everytime you'll think 'this to be last' It'll call "REPEAT”

“I find it hilarious when I see 'not alive' fearing death”

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