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L'DOR V'DOR: From Generation to Generation

Mark M. Bello

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Did Max survive because he was brave? Perhaps. Lucky? Absolutely! Stupid? Undoubtedly so. But the number one reason Max sat in front of young Zachary Blake on the eve of the boy’s Bar Mitzvah was Max’s stubborn refusal to give up or give in.”

“And they want me to hear the story direct from the horse’s mouth.” “So now I am a horse? A horse is not kosher!”

“While it may have been the exception rather than the rule, the Jewish community did what it could, when it could, to defy Nazi tyranny . . . Contrary to the myth of little or no resistance, there was, indeed, verified, armed resistance to the Holocaust in ghettos and concentration camps.”

“He’d wait me out if his parents let him. A promise is a promise, but is he ready for such a tale? I’ve only shared this story with a select few, and only for Holocaust remembrance.”

“Zayde would like the fact that I divorced or the fact I married a Schiksa the second time around, but he’d be happy that I’m happy.”

“Zachary knew his grandfather was opposed to personal gratification or reward, but the story deserved to be told.”

“Zachary Blake had become a man . . . both sides of the family were very proud. Zayde Max Lewin and Grampa Morris Blake chanted the Hamotzi over the bread and the feast was on. What Jewish celebration does not end with a feast?”

“Without Max including me in his plans . . . I would not be here today. I thank Hashem, every day, for sending me an angel named Max Lewenstein. As I look out at his wife and beautiful family, his children and grandchildren, remember, you too would not be here today if not for the extraordinary bravery of the angel, Max Lewenstein.”

“We lived in Jewish neighborhoods. Almost everyone you saw on the street was Jewish. It was almost like being in Eretz Yisroel.”

“This was one of the most daring, dangerous, talked about, and legendary escapes in Auschwitz history.”

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