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The Five Virtues That Awaken Your Life

Luis Enrique Cavazos

Top 10 Best Quotes

“In life, we need to go through a naked tree season in order to turn nothingness into meaning.”

“Unique individuals with unique ideas are the ones who are going to shift the world to a new enlightenment.”

“Love is a felt force when we become aware of it. Our cognition must be added to the reality of existence. This is the dance of love. We must cultivate our seeds that we plant in each other's lives. Only then we will enlarge our view of love, beauty, creativity, and purpose.”

“Out of the decisions that we make in life, our Self emerges. What we choose in life is not the thing chosen out there, but oneself.”

“Never feed someone else's dream, you will only remain as a ghost in their vision.”

“To fully appreciate the depth of love, we must captivate ourselves in the moment. Whether it is fate or humanism, it produces a great capacity for happiness with a throw in of anxiety, grief, and isolation. Use those whales as an insidious beginning to produce meaning and humility in your life.”

“Once you set the bar high for yourself, you cannot go back to mediocrity. You must give world-class performance in all that you do. Your work ethic, persistence, effort and dedication will glow on your behalf. Do not brag about your accomplishments; allow your reputation to speak of your magnificence.”

“Never let a minister say you are a sinner for he or she is a sinner too. Nor never let a psychiatrist say you have a mental disorder for he or she has problems too.”

“If life is supposed to be a theater, then somehow, we all met and played our part.”

“Hope is an all seeing eye that triangles the eternal humbleness in our existence. Hope is what makes us smile through our unwavering faith. When we hope, we organize our details to become conscious citizens of the world.”

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