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Claiming the Highlander

Kinley MacGregor

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You better not tup our sister! Or you’ll be having us to deal with, Braden MacAllister! (Duncan) Could I please just deal with one threat of death at a time? (Braden)”

“Adieu, my ladies. If you ever venture to Scotland…leave the husbands at home. (Braden)”

“Well, well. What have we here? (Thief #1) Looks like we got some little pigeons just right for a plucking. (Thief #2) Well, well. What have we here? (Sin) Looks like a pack of fools wanting to die. (Braden)”

“Ever the charmer, eh, Braden? (Sin) Hold your tongue, Sin. (Braden) I would, but with my luck, one of your giant Scottish bugs would land on it. Besides, it makes my hand wet and pruney when I do that. (Sin)”

“Especially given the severity of some of her curses. God help him if any of them ever came true. Why, he’d be a two-headed, three-toed, monkey-nosed, blind son of a cesspit-licking lackey if she had her way. (Braden)”

“And are you suspicious of me? (Maggie) Woman, I’m suspicious of anyone who acts altruistically. I’ve only known a handful of people in my entire life who were actually kind. The vast majority of people only help others when they know it’ll benefit them in some manner. (Sin)”

“Your brother is a beslubbering, churlish, hell-governed princox, and I hope one day he gets the beating he deserves for it. (Maggie)”

“Do I need to go for a stroll? (Sin) Nay. I’m merely trying to kill your brother. (Maggie)”

“Nay! Can it be Braden’s made it a whole hour without a woman? Quick, Lochlan, send for a healer afore he collapses from the stress of celibacy. (Ewan) Now, that’s no joking matter. It’s not good for a man to go too long without a woman. His juices back up and before you know it, he turns into a soured, ill-tempered beastie…So that’s what happened to you! Come. We’d best find you a woman quickly before you get any worse. (Braden)”

“Leave him be, Sin, or I swear, in the mood I’m in, I’ll tear your head off your shoulders and use it for a footstool. (Braden)”

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