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The Jackal

J.R. Ward

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I learned long ago never to predict. All you can do is influence what you can and endure the rest.”

“True love doesn't require a voice. It requires the heart.”

“They both stopped at the same time. And she had to smile—although the expression didn’t last long. “Under different circumstances,” she said, “I really could have fallen for you.” She didn’t expect a reply from him. But then his voice, so deep and low, weaved its way through the darkness to her. “Under different circumstances, I would have fallen even harder for you. And not regretted my heart’s tumble for a moment.”

“The female put her hands on her hips. “Just my luck. I get mugged by Emily Post.” “Emily who?” He narrowed his eyes. “And I did not mug you.” “Then why do you have all my shit.” As she drew out the enunciation on that last word, something unfamiliar woke up in the back of his brain.”

“Lowering his eyes, he said softly, “I have not seen the sun since before my transition. Can you blame me for staring.”

“If you are no well enough to procure your own dressing, you should not be upon your feet downstairs.” “Oh, I am plenty strong to retrieve the robe. I am just trying to spare you the inevitable comparisons between our malehoods. Your disappointment would be legion. I am quite phearsom.” “You are full of it.”

“Give me my shit back,” she demanded. The Jackal frowned. “I beg your pardon.” “You heard me, asshole.” When he didn’t reply, she snapped, “I already know you speak English, so don’t pretend you’re confused.” “I understand every word you’ve spoken. I’m simply not used to hearing females curse as readily as you seem to.” She blinked. Leaned in a little, like maybe he was stupid. “Exactly where do you think we are? A gourmet restaurant?”

“Emma Thompson, ca. Sense and Sensibility: You must cease and desist all such lustful thoughts, you beast. Emma Stone, ca. Zombieland: Over your dead body. Julia Roberts, ca. Pretty Woman: Big mistake. Huge. Cardi B, in any situation: Bitch, please. All of those worked. Unfortunately, what was more likely to come out of her mouth was straight-up Jennifer Lawrence: I volunteer as tribute.”

“Apex? The male with the dead stare and the bad past walked in with a bored expression on his face—and a severed hand… in his hand? The vampire lifted the body part. “I borrowed this from one of the guards. After we’re done getting you out, I’m going to slap him with it. Assuming he hasn’t bled out.”

“Among all the phrases in all the languages in all the worlds, there was one that never lost its luster, no matter how many times it was spoken. "I love you" never got worn out.”

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