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Caleb's Crossing

Geraldine Brooks

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She was like a butterfly, full of color and vibrancy when she chose to open her wings, yet hardly visible when she closed them.”

“They say the Lord's Day is a day of rest, but those who preach this generally are not women.”

“Does any woman ever count the grains of her harvest and say: Good enough? Or does one always think of what more one might have laid in, had the labor been harder, the ambition more vast, the choices more sage?”

“I felt the reckless abandon of one who knows she stands already among the damned. "Why not, then, another sin?”

“Life is better than death. I know this. Tequamuck says it is the coward’s talk. I say it is braver, sometimes, to bend.”

“adult life is full of hardship, childhood should be free of it.”

“He walked through the woods like a young Adam, naming creation. I learned to shape my mouth to the words—sasumuneash for cranberry, tunockuquas for frog. So many things grew and lived here that were strange to us, because they had not been in England. We named the things of this place in reference to things that were not of this place—cat briar for the thickets of vine whose thorns were narrow and claw-like; lambskill for the low-growing laurel that had proved poisonous to some of our hard-got tegs. But there had been no cats or lambs here until we brought them. So when he named a plant or a creature, I felt that I heard the true name of the thing for the first time.”

“I held it out and Caleb took it. This was the first book he had held in his hands. He made me smile, opening it upside down and back to front, but he touched the pages with the utmost care, as if gentling some fragile-boned wild thing. The godliest among us did not touch the Bible with such reverence as he showed to that small book.”

“...the surfeit of loss in my life has convinced me it will be easier to be grieved for than to grieve." Bethia as an old woman about to die p 257”

“I am not a hero. Life has not required it of me.”

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