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The Kirkwood Project

Andrew Sturm

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everyone hated Calculus. Quadratic equations, parabolas, logarithms, trigonometry - you name it. It was like floating in an endless, frictionless void traveling at x miles per hour at a descension rate of one half the speed of gravity. Solve for x.”

“If you don't laugh at the crazy things, you're liable to lose your mind.”

“All of life is like raindrops on the window; some stick around for a little while and some just fall right out of the picture.”

“There's no such thing as a sane woman.”

“People cheer on tyrants for fear of becoming targets.”

“Love happens in the strangest places at the strangest times.”

“Learn to be embarrassed by little and sorry about even less.”

“His heart beat so rapidly it might burst; he kept telling himself everything was fine so long as he remained a giraffe.”

“No matter how you twist and turn, your ass is always in the back.”

“Love's a funny thing, especially with a man who gets paid to put junk in other people's slots. (The Mail Man)”

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