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10 Ways to Sponsor More Downlines in Your Network Marketing Business

Olawale Daniel

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Network marketing is not for everyone, NOT EVERYONE has goals. Stop trying to make everyone around you goal-oriented.”

“Make use of your network, but don't make your network feel used.”

“Just get on with starting, the worst and the most surprising thing to ever expect is short term failure.”

“If you want to make a big difference in this world, you must learn to prioritize and delegate efficiently. Not everything you can do is worth doing. Know this, enjoy peace!”

“There is a huge difference between CONNECTION and ATTACHMENT. One gives you the power to grow, the other sucks the life out of you.”

“No matter how much or little a company pays. Your name matters most than their name. Build your Brand.”

“If you run a business, please don’t sell to family members or friends on credit. Friends and family members are number on the list of people that can ruin your business. Set very clear boundaries. Do you want to be nice and poor, or do you want to be rich and wicked?”

“Feeding the mind with possibility and avoiding negativity is crucial for mind growth.”

“Build yourself first before you sell anything; for anybody, or any company else. Your brand matters most than any other companies, or personalities out there.”

“​You have got to be "YOU" because Greatness is in your DNA!”

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