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Margaret Atwood

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Lions don’t know they are lions. They don’t know how brave they are.”

“That room has been static for me so long: an emptiness. a void. a silence containing an unheard story ready for me to unlock. Let there be plot.”

“If you were a song What song would you be? Would you be the voice that sings, Would you be the music? When I am singing this song for you You are not empty air You are here, One breath and then another: You are here with me...”

“The hands reaching in among the leaves and spines were once my mother's. I've passed them on. Decades ahead, you'll study your own temporary hands, and you'll remember. Don't cry, this is what happens.”

“If there were no emptiness, there would be no life.”

“You’ll be here but not here, a muscle memory, like hanging a hat on a hook that’s not there any longer.”

“Me, it’s the heart: that’s the part lacking. I used to want one: a dainty cushion of red silk dangling from a blood ribbon, fit for sticking pins in. But I’ve changed my mind. Hearts hurt.—

“After we're gone the work of our knives will survive this.”

“The world that we think we see is only our best guess.”

“That's who is waiting for me: an invisible man defined by a dotted line: the shape of an absence in your place at the table, sitting across from me, eating toast and eggs as usual or walking ahead up the drive, a rustling of the fallen leaves, a slight thickening of the air. It's you in the future, we both know that. You'll be here but not here, a muscle memory, like hanging a hat on a hook that's not there any longer.”

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