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Ink in the Blood

Kim Smejkal

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Just like that, he’d hopped onboard her ship without realizing that the deck was rotted.”

“You see, a plague doctor isn’t much of a doctor at all. We’re the ones left behind after all the real doctors leave. We tally the dead. We hold hands and stand sentry at bedsides. When the rest of the world flees, we become the unfortunate mask of any remaining humanity.”

“You two are bright stars in the Rabble Mob, and the Rabble Mob is family.”

“Twin smiles from people she’d loved, who’d pushed her into four years of cold stone, lonely nights, and constant fear. She tried calling up the good times—a cuddle, a laugh—but they’d been harassed out of her, tainted by all that had come after.”

“I’m baffled why you’re so keen to make me your enemy. I’m a wonderful actor; if that’s the role you cast for me, I’ll perform. But it doesn’t have to be so.” She heard, Your move, devil.”

“They hadn’t explicitly asked for help, but Celia discovered Us was funny like that—they hadn’t needed to ask.”

“She understood pictures because they could be anything, mean anything. Maybe a teardrop today could be rain tomorrow. Or even something good: a fresh pear or a cheery mandolin. And maybe, one day, something so lovely it breaks your heart: paisley on your child's dress the day they whisper their name for the first time. Pictures stayed the same but changed with you. They were past, the present, the future, all at once.”

“Just when I think you're my beginning, I find out you're my end.”

“Everyone’s breaking was inevitable. Shouldn’t he, above all, understand that best?”

“Of all the things I thought you wanted from this walk, that didn't even make my list.' Celia would have loved to see that list.”

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