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Son of a Liche

J. Zachary Pike

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There is not always a light at the end of the tunnel. That is why you must carry a torch.”

“Truly, nothing is better than to crush your competition, to drive down their profit margins, to hear the lamentations of their sales representatives.”

“The exact ratio of irony to matter in the universe is known as Nove’s Constant, and by definition it’s more than you’d expect.”

“How many times has the world ended before? Perhaps we are just toiling among its ashes.”

“There was a point of equilibrium in any organization’s middle management, a fulcrum of responsibility that remained still while the upper and lower ranks of the bureaucracy moved around it. Tyren knew from experience that a shrewd official could find this pivot-point within the org chart and, once entrenched, enjoy near-complete autonomy with almost no responsibility.”

“What’s this one?” asked Gorm, picking up the only tome not locked within a glass case. “That’s perhaps the most powerful book never written,” said Jynn. “It’s all blank.” Gorm flipped through the empty pages. “No, wait, there’s a line at the front.” Gorm read the small, neat script on the page aloud. Imbalanced. Too powerful. Breaks mechanics.”

“Oh? I never liked trickle-down economics. It implies there's a leak somewhere”

“It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In the same vein, desperation is the father of compromise, panic is the sister of slapdash improvisation, and despair is the second cousin of quiet apathy. By that reckoning, dinner was a dismal family reunion.”

“A weak mind is a malleable one. Once it is convinced it has been lied to, it begins to lie to itself. Once persuaded that it is hated, it becomes hateful. Once made to fear violence, it becomes violent.”

“their culture observed ethical standards in the way that merfolk observe hiking.”

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