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Hari krishnan Nair

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The distance between dreams and reality is called Fate”

“Preparation is the runway of Luck”

“Money can barter any truth in this globe. But can’t bargain the ultimate truth of Death. From Hari krishnan Nair”

“Wisdom is required not for immortality, but for recreation”

“We should be humble in our approach. But should not grumble towards life”

“We ignore to live our life to the fullest for pleasing others expectations.”

“We have locked our potential against the unlocked opportunities of Life.”

“We experience our lives like able persons. But end up with inability of taking the risk. From Hari Krishnan Nair”

“We can't be famous until and unless reach the extremity of fame. Fro Hari krishnan Nair.”

“We betray our dreams to portray our responsibilities”

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