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GennaRose Nethercott

Top 10 Best Quotes

“How do you ruin a people? Is it with fire? Is it with bullets? You can drag a man through the street tied to the back of a horse. You can incinerate a village. Can line families up in rows against a brick wall and fell them, one by one, like a forest. But all it takes is one survivor, and the story lives on. One survivor to carry the poems and the songs, the prayers, the sorrows. It isn’t just taking a life that destroys a people. It’s taking their history.”

“Who gets remembered in the great American experiment? Who is forgotten? What becomes of those whose names are dust? Tell me this country ain’t haunted.”

“If a story does its job, it doesn’t ever end. Not really. But it can change. This is the nature of folktales. They shift to fit each teller. Take whatever form suits the bearer best. What begins as a story of sorrow can be acknowledged, held like a sweetheart to the chest, rocked and sung to. And then, it can be set down to sleep. It can become an offering. A lantern. An ember to lead you through the dark.”

“You must never allow a knot in your hair, bubbala, for that is how men will try to control you.”

“You always meet twice, Fresh. Every person, you’ll see again one day. Every inch of earth, you’ll step on later. Every coin comes back around. Maybe in the next year, maybe the next life.”

“What is a house but a container for a life? What is a life but a container for a story? When a container is broken, it does not destroy the contents. It sets them free.”

“They knew that the real difference between being alive and dead, it’s this.” Winifred held up the flower. “It’s feeling things, tasting, smelling. That’s being awake. It’s the only thing that matters, Bell.”

“Sorrow is long-lasting. It can become a companion if you let it. A stray cat who refuses to leave your side. There will be time for sorrow, as sorrow, like a cat, has many lives.”

“Soon the tumbleweed had become one of the Wild West’s most iconic characters. A grand joke, no? This paragon of Americana—secretly an immigrant, after all. The Russian thistle disguised itself well.”

“For me, it’s like everything in the world is a conversation. Every time something touches me, it feels like that part of me wakes up all over again to listen.”

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