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21 Dangerous Prayers: 21 Day Transformational Prayer Guide

Gary Rohrmayer

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You cannot control the way people treat you, but you can control how you respond to their treatment.”

“There is nothing so unattractive as a whiny person. We can have empathy for a person in deep emotional pain. But a whiny person who gets overwhelmed with perceived unfairness and acts like a two-year-old child who did not get his or her way—well, it can be difficult to relate to that person.”

“Our God is in the soul-shaping business. But transformation will only come through a heart that is surrendered to the Father’s love and the Potter’s touch.”

“My most dangerous prayers have come in moments of deep frustration and seasons of brokenness.”

“Honesty and contentment are the pathways that lead to a life of integrity and generosity.”

“Dangerous prayers are risky and life-stretching. Dangerous prayers come out of a spirit of brokenness. Dangerous prayers are filled with boldness and daring faith.”

“Worship begins in our prayer closets and breaks forth in corporate worship with other believers.”

“Too often our corporate worship is dry and lifeless because our daily devotion is dull and unmoving.”

“There is no room for morbid introspection in the life of a follower of Jesus. Why? Because when we search our own hearts we can easily fall into self-deception.”

“The restoration of joy is a daily matter.”

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