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A Gentle Reminder

Bianca Sparacino

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Instead, love them without attachment. Love the lessons they taught you. Wish them well every single time you think about them. Miss them, but do not ache for them to come back. If the people in your life left because they were not ready to value you, or love you, or be there for you, do not wish for them back, do not ask for them to be more than they can be at the moment. Wish for them to figure themselves out. Wish for them to grow. They are on their own journey — a journey you are not a part of. And that is okay. You have to learn that that is okay.”

“Life is a mess - yes, but my god, is it ever a beautiful one”

“No one will ever fully be able to understand the internal battles you had to endure just to heal, just to grow, just to make it here today. Be proud of the way you fought to save yourself. Be proud of the way you survived.”

“Forgive yourself for the way you held yourself back because you didn’t believe in your own potential, because you didn’t believe in your capacity to take up space.”

“Because at the end of the day, the right people fight for you. The right people show up. The right people care, not only when life is convenient, but when it is difficult and messy and it aches all over.”

“At the end of the day, I want to be proud of the way I loved, I want to be proud of the way I placed my heart into the hands of others. I want to be proud of the way I chose vulnerability, of the way I chose tenderness; how I never stopped choosing it no matter what my soul experienced at the hands of being the kind of human being who loved deeply in this world.”

“It is okay to outgrow those who don’t know how to love you.”

“Don’t ever forget that the right people will choose you, they will see you, they will dive into the depth of you, and you will never have to force those connections. You will always be good enough for them. Anything else is not for you.”

“You have to believe that your ideas, and your hope, and your being, deserve to take up space.”

“You were never asking for too much. You were simply just asking the wrong person.”

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