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Anthony Horowitz

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You’re saying that you’ve managed to arrest a kid who’s an insane criminal. You’ve put him in a prison with six other insane criminals, and you want Alex to pretend to be an insane criminal and move in with them. Well, you know what I think of that idea? It’s insane!”

“These people...I've never come across anyone like them. You want the truth? They make Scorpia look like a vicar's tea party.”

“It’s easy enough to change your personality, to become evil. The trouble is, it stays with you. And it damages you.”

“that story you told him about losing your own children, and now I’m wondering if that was even true.” “Of course it was true!” Mrs. Jones snapped, and just for once, she betrayed her emotions. She was angry. Two dark spots had appeared in her cheeks.”

“That wasn’t bad,” Tom said. “Almost as good as Alex.” “You’ve got to be kidding,” Jack growled. “Alex would have blown them up or forced them off the road. Just a shame I forgot my hand grenade.” “Next time,” Tom said.”

“Only you can help me. Only you can get close to Frederick Gray. And that’s why I’ve come here. Help me find Nightshade. Help me stop whatever it is they’re planning. But above all, help me find my children. They’re alive. I’m sure of it. Nightshade has them. And only you can help me get them back.”

“I sent a car to pick you up at school, Alex. I thought you might like a lift. I didn't expect a declaration of war.”

“His uncle, Ian Rider, had taken him on a tour of the Greek islands when he was nine years old and he couldn’t help being reminded of it. It was as if nothing had changed. Except, of course, that he was now working for MI6, he was using a false name, his new best friend was a psychotic killer and he had less than a week to stop London from being destroyed.”

“Don’t be sorry. Our lives don’t belong to us so we can’t complain if they’re taken away.” Those were the words that Alex remembered when, half an hour later, the lights blinked out”

“Don't be sorry. Our lives don't belong to us, so we can't complain if they're taken away.”

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