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Alexandra Almeida

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Storm had never wished to own Tom, only to protect him. He’d fought all his life to deserve Tom, to belong to Tom, to live up to the image Tom had of him. To put it simply, he was wholeheartedly Tom’s, and Tom was too good to be his.”

“They kept coming back for more, so much more. The adults, in particular, craved what his mother had called her infinite fountain of joy—his fountain, her joy. And he happily gave all he had, crawling into bed at night drained of all the things they had taken. And that’s when he learned infinity had a limit, and so did his optimism.”

“The skies above him roared, and more dark clouds emerged out of nowhere, tall and wide, the color of grief. A thunder, followed by the spear of light, a second apart, and then another one, so close the ground shook beneath him. The orchestra of light and sound quickened, like a heart beating. A beat he recognized—the beat he’d lost. He knew all the beats; he was a master at assembling them for effect. Rhythm and words composed to converge heartbeats into a unified march. He knew all the beats, but only one truly mattered.”

“You don’t know me.” “I do! The way you write, it makes me feel things. I walked in her shoes and felt what she felt. It changed me. I-I almost, almost cried when I watched your movie. I was so close. And, ya know, I never cry, not even when my family…” “I’m sorry for your loss, Harry. I—” “I once looked into the science of tears. Did you know Charles Darwin once declared emotional crying purposeless? I tend to agree with him… Anyway, don’t get me wrong, I have tear ducts and can keep my eyes moist.” “Uh-huh.” Tom worked hard to keep a straight face.”

“Twist sat in front of his desk as the office spun around him. He remembered that feeling—relentless dizziness. At nine years old, Harry’s parents had taken him on a rollercoaster ride. They’d said they wanted their steady child to experience a moment of unbounded exhilaration. Harry was pushed into a situation he couldn’t control, thrown around and flipped upside down until the content of his guts reached his mouth. He tried to focus on the physics and the engineering powering his experience, but nothing worked, and he screamed and he threw up and begged to get out. Stuck in a car, close to the clouds, there was no way out.”

“The performance continued for minutes or maybe hours. It was hard to tell. Storm’s ferocious voice held a hint of femininity; it burned through Tom’s soul, quivering with the strength of his delivery, and the power of his purpose. Tom felt alone with him in the room, a profoundly personal experience that would linger in his heart for the rest of his life.”

“The Domizien closed in on her, swords and daggers poised. She launched forward, her sword piercing a demon’s heart, and reminding her of one of those cultured meat shish kebabs she used to devour after class. Yum. She swung the Ngulu to her right, decapitating not one but two creatures and using the momentum to spin-kick a fourth demon, knocking it out. She ducked, a sword missing her neck by a whisker before she shish kebabbed the last demon and took off toward Shadow.”

“That makes a lot of sense to me. Do you believe in God?” “I believe we all share a soul and co-create a universal story that is constantly evolving. That when you share an authentic and wholesome story, it goes viral and becomes part of our collective consciousness. Truthful stories are powerful.” “So, we’re all just…stories connected to other stories by larger narratives.” “Yeah, there are books, and series, and interconnected story worlds…and fan fiction, and derivative works. A babushka doll of stories inspired by other stories. Ai ai…Harry is going to kill me. He doesn’t believe in my cosmic consciousness theory, and now I’ve managed to lose credibility with the entire scientific community.” He chuckled, tousling his hair with his fingers. “Don’t worry, folks, Harry runs the platform based on objective, observable evidence. No magical thinking is allowed in Down Below’s strategy and operations.”

“Still, rage and revenge sometimes needed to be indulged in the path to whatever “enlightenment” the Gods had designed. When someone wrongs you, hurts you, breaks you or the ones you love, you can either drown in fear and despair or fight back hard, relentlessly and without flinching. The path to power was the path to safety, the road to the confidence stolen by men…always men.”

“She stepped onto the Devil’s Bridge arching over the deadly crater lake—a round pool of water beaming with bioluminescent light; the light of the dead. Like many other namesakes, the semi-circular metal structure connected the diameter of the small lake, reflecting in the water beneath it. Together, the bridge and its mirror became an immense sphere of sky and water. Blue and green combining into turquoise—always turquoise, the bane of her life.”

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Book Keywords:

feminism, fear, power, rage, revenge

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