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Devourers from Suryaksh: Race to the Last Eventuality

Varun Sayal

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Your superpower is not time travel or human possession. Your superpower is your ability to take in a lot of negativity and still do good for this world.”

“Tell me something, boy. When a surgeon cuts into a human body, it’s all good, but when a killer does, its’s all bad. Why?" "Well, the doctor doesn’t want to hurt the human." "But he is hurting the human." "Yes, but the doctor wants good for the patient." "Exactly, my boy. Intentions. When you do something with a good intention, then it can’t be wrong. That’s how you decide what is right versus what is wrong.”

“Technology is the double-edged sword of our times. Whoever controls technology controls the world.”

“Once I take a bounty, I complete it without fail. That’s my unwavering ethic. I have a reputation to keep." "What good is a reputation of you aren’t there to keep it?”

“I know several different paths still lead to the same outcome. A man misses accident but dies of a heart attack five minutes later.”

“I can’t take part in this battle,…" "Why?" "Because I am an ocean. Oceans don’t take voyages, Sailers do.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Morales. I will speak from my heart, and I will speak the truth. That’s the best arrow I have in my quiver.”

“Do you see the irony of it all? Using every piece of revolutionary technology available to them, these so-call rebels curse the same. If this is not asinine, that what is?”

“Billions of sheep, ruled by thousands of tigers. Sheep never revolt; they only follow.”

“As individual entities of the universe, we all are in charge of our own deeds.”

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technological-evolution, technology-existential-risks, future, philosophy

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