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The Last Year of the War

Susan Meissner

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We do not become different people as we age; we just add layers of experience onto who we already are.”

“It is this day you are living right now, this very day, that is yours to make of it what you will. So make it beautiful, if you can.”

“We decide who and what we will love and who and what we will hate. We decide what we will do with the love and hate. Every day we decide. It was this that revealed who we were, not the color of our flesh or the shape of our eyes or the language we spoke.”

“We belong far less to where we’ve come from than where we want to go. —FRANZ WERFEL”

“Sometimes what you want is given to you in a way that is so very different from how you had pictured getting it”

“In that moment I began to see that there are times when there is no best choice. There is only this choice and that choice, and both are terrible.”

“we are all on the road that leads to the edge of our mortality. Life is too brief to waste a minute of it chasing after things that don’t matter.”

“Maybe being brave is different from being unafraid. If you're not afraid, what is there to be brave about?”

“Love, in its own way, had been creating a home for all of us as we searched for that place where we belonged. Love was home.”

“It’s funny how just having an unobstructed view of the possible future can make you think you’re capable of achieving anything.”

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