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The Ritual

Shantel Tessier

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I’d set the world on fire, including myself, if it meant saving her.”

“I can’t guarantee that I’ll grow old with her, but I will spend every second of every day that I’m alive proving to her that she comes first no matter what.”

“You can and you will,” I say, giving her hard nipple a pinch before removing my hand. “I want your underwear soaked with my cum and yours. Fucking drenched, Blake.”

“They say love is patient and kind. I’m not either one of those things when it comes to Blakely.”

“I’m going to fuck you right here, right now. That mouth is mine. That ass is mine. That cunt is mine. You’re fucking mine.”

“I’ll own you, Blake.” He shortens my name, his free hand comes up, and he trails a finger down my neck over my racing pulse, making my body break out in goose bumps. “And I think that’s exactly what you want.”

“Do you ever just want to shut it all off? Not have to think about the next second of your life? Go on an unplanned road trip? Have a one-night stand with the cute guy you scrolled past on your timeline? Social media makes you think you have all this freedom, but you don’t. Not really. You’re stuck behind a device watching others live out their dreams. You post selfies of fake smiles and expensive clothes, hoping that someone will envy you. Reassure you just how good you have it. All the while hating your life. “Smile, dear, you never know who is watching you,”

“You live for me now.” He licks up the side of my neck to my ear. “And I for you.” He thrusts in a second finger, and I suck in a deep breath from my nose, closing my watery eyes. “You serve and obey me. I protect and own you.”

“she picks up a black and white picture”

“my wife and I are a team. A Lord and a Lady.”

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