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The Ghosts of Rose Hill

R.M. Romero

Top 10 Best Quotes

“People believe that you'll recognize the monsters in your life the first time you meet them. They don't realize the greatest of monsters always appear as the best of friends.”

“When you are a final girl, you run for all the girls who never mad it this far.”

“The final girl survives because she can be just as ruthless as the monster who wants to destroy her.”

“If you love a person, you never let them venture into the dark alone.”

“The walls are whipped-cream white; the tiles lemon custard yellow. Even our chairs are licorice red, weeping cotton-candy wisps of stuffing. All the other patrons sketch, write poetry, tap out rhythms on the edge of tables as they sip their coffee. Prague is old, but her streets are dancing.”

“In a house full of children, there are always bangs, clatters, shrieks of delight and dismay. Just because the kids here are dead doesn't make them an exception.”

“I lay a dress on the white sheets, and see the monster nod his approval. A girl who intends to run doesn't bring a wardrobe with her. (But a girl who intends to fight does.)”

“(I like that they're flawed. Everyone should have at least one imperfection.)”

“The kiss lasts for his lifetime and my unfolding one. It reaches lives we haven't lived yet, and all the ones we've forgotten.”

“PS I know I can always count on your silence. It's my own I'm not used to.”

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