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Adventures of an Indian Techie

Nipun Varma

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Geeks are like male lions, they don't like the presence of another one in the vicinity.”

“World's biggest bluff acts happen inside boardrooms”

“Working lunch is the art of gorging in five star delicacies all the while spitting out fancy business jargons”

“Solutioning is the art of understanding the current problem faced by the customer and giving them a product that will create bigger problems for them so that they ignore the previous one- the Tiger balm technology. Once you apply it, it starts burning and then you forget the headache that you had”

“Rule # 1: Your boss is always right Rule # 2: Whenever you feel otherwise, refer to rule # 1”

“Proof of concept or POC is the art of winning a ship-building contract by showing the working model of a paper boat”

“Managers have a knack of making things messier than they are”

“India is the only country wherein the total number of engineers exceeds the number of vehicles on the road.”

“In boardrooms, bald is beautiful”

“Developers and testers usually maintain a very healthy India-Pakistan like camaraderie”

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