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Flower Girl A Novel

Merida Johns

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When we fail to balance our decisions with emotion and reason, we prohibit our brains from calculating the good or harm of our choices. Robert in Flower Girl A Novel”

“Too often folks get caught up in a false dichotomy, an either this or that trap. There’s usually at least a third good option waiting to be found. -- Craig in Flower Girl A Novel”

“When we make grievance our traveling companion, it blocks out light, it distorts our perspective, it consumes our hearts until there is nothing left. -- Elliott in Flower Girl A Novel”

“To find my way, my desire to change had to be greater than my desire to stay the same. -- Craig in Flower Girl A Novel”

“The road is as long and as thrilling as you make it. Go slow, and the ride is short and boring. But go fast, and the trip is expansive and enthralling. Some may say this is life in the fast lane—I think this is life in the best lane. -- Suzanna in Flower Girl A Novel”

“The joy of life comes from taking advantage of the present and contributing to something bigger than ourselves. -- Suzanna in Flower Girl A Novel”

“People don’t change because another wants or wills it—people change because they want to become better. -- Suzanna in Flower Girl A Novel”

“Love and kindness are your strengths. The hard truth is you can’t give those gifts to others until you give them to yourself. -- Jack in Flower Girl A Novel”

“How often do we miss the simple and sublime because we are too stressed looking back or too absorbed looking forward? -- Suzanna in Flower Girl A Novel”

“Get to know the feel of the yarn with your fingertips. Allow its fidelity to flow through you. Be at one with the animals and the earth that have given you this gift. A happy weaver makes a happy cloth. -- Eleanor in Flower Girl A Novel”

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