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Lamine Pearlheart

Top 10 Best Quotes

“On Maturity "You bring people down so that you can rise up, you obviously do not know how to soar." – To the people who point their fingers to others so to hide their deficiencies”

“Whenever you feel down, remember it is always daylight somewhere on this rock we call Earth. Whenever you are belittled by a human, remember that she or he does not represent the whole for the Earth is way bigger than any puny creature you may encounter.”

“If you don't know what you want avoid what you don't want, that in itself is a good start.”

“If and when infatuation passes on and you still have infatuation for the same person then you may have love. - On Love”

“It is hard to fake decency. I observed. - On Decency”

“Humanity can never achieve perfection, but it can be beautiful, herein lies our consolation. - On Our Destiny”

“Those who consider people bridges will use them. Those who view people as humans will try to befriend them. Those who see their partners as persons they can dump are bound to attract dumpsters and doomed they are to attract but the trash bins.”

“Think thyself yourself." - On Self-Definition”

“The wise is a fool aware of the reasons for his sorrow His mind on the opportune moment recovering a key memory The fool is the one who thinks wisdom to be an incessant state of mind”

“The people are the known unknown variable.”

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