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The Science of Interstellar

Kip S. Thorne

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everything likes to live where it will age the most slowly, and gravity pulls it there.”

“An explosion in space makes no sound, as there is no air to transmit the sound waves.”

“Everything is drawn inexorably toward the future.”

“At our meeting, I suggested to Steven and Lynda two guidelines for the science of Interstellar: 1. Nothing in the film will violate firmly established laws of physics, or our firmly established knowledge of the universe. 2. Speculations (often wild) about ill-understood physical laws and the universe will spring from real science, from ideas that at least some “respectable” scientists regard as possible.”

“No matter how hard we may try, we can only travel forward. The relativistic laws guarantee it.”

“We don’t know what triggered the big bang, nor what, if anything, existed before it. But somehow the universe emerged as a vast sea of ultrahot gas, expanding fast in all directions like the fireball ignited by a nuclear bomb blast or by the explosion of a gas pipeline. Except that the big bang was not destructive (so far as we know). Instead, it created everything in our universe, or rather the seeds for everything.”

“Revolutions that upend established scientific truth are exceedingly rare. But when they happen, they can have profound effects on science and technology.”

“In 2014, the Earth’s gravity is weakest in southern India (blue spot) and strongest in Iceland and Indonesia (red spots).”

“But ours is not a dystopia. Life is still tolerable and in some ways pleasant, with little amenities such as baseball continuing. However, we no longer think big. We no longer aspire to great things. We aspire to little more than just keeping life going.”

“Warping begets warping in a nonlinear, self-bootstrapping manner. This is a fundamental feature of Einstein’s relativistic laws, and so different from everyday experience. It’s somewhat like a hypothetical science-fiction character who goes backward in time and gives birth to herself.”

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cosmology, quantum-physics, future

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