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The Heart and Soul of Black Women: Poems of Love, Struggle and Resilience

Janet Autherine

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Self-acceptance is a journey from will they like me to will I like them to I am who I am. No judgment. No affirmation needed. I am enough.”

“Embrace the Sun To the sun, you are everything. To the clouds, you will never be enough. Stop chasing the clouds in your life. You don’t have to chase the sun, it will find you. Just have faith and walk towards the light.”

“Why a rose has thorns - thorns protect the rose season after season from intrusion from those who only appreciate its outer beauty and discard it when the leaves begin to fall and the inner beauty is exposed.”

“When you look in the mirror, see your majesty, see all the beauty that is inside of you. The world may not always see you so allow the light of self-love to shine brightly.”

“We will not be passive in the face of injustice and allow every generation to fight the same battles. We will drive our communities to the polls and vote like the lives of our children depend on it because it does.”

“We spring from one great tree of life so when our actions are rooted in peace and love, we all thrive. The moment that we begin to feel superior to another, our roots weaken and we start to lose our humanity. Let us not be afraid to face fear with love. Always remember that love trumps every form of hate.”

“Soulmates are friends whose spirits travel together, hearts break and mend together, and souls rise together in love acceptance and harmony.”

“Sometimes, we accidentally stumble into drama and refuse to look away. Refuse to be pulled aways to safety. We dive in to save those who did not ask to be saved and do not appreciate our intervention. Self-sacrificing moths to the flame of fire that was not intended to consume us. Walk away.”

“Single Mothers Your shoulders are heavy, but you stand tall and raise your head high, knowing that you are raising kings and queens, future leaders of the world. You are pounding the pavement, kicking butt, making it look easy but we know better; we know the struggle, we understand the pain. The road feels lonely but you are not alone.”

“Peace is a gift but it is not free. Recognize its value. It was bought and sold. Packaged with pain and sacrifice. Honor the sacrifice.”

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