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He Said/She Said

Erin Kelly

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Waiting for something horrible to happen is almost more draining than it actually happening.”

“The stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol, when pumped in sufficient quantity, rival anything you can smoke or swallow. Within a year of the Lizard, I would envy those who could dry out in rehab. When you suffer from anxiety, you carry an endless supply.”

“As this went on, I realised that it is more tiring to be bored than to be engaged.”

“You can get by in the foreign language, you can communicate, but the pleasure of speaking to those who understand every subtlety and nuance must make you want to cry with relief.”

“The moment you think about an act in terms of how, you are already halfway to doing it.”

“bone. I cried so hard that evening that I graduated from tissues to kitchen rolls to towels.”

“When you only have one vanity, I think you’re allowed to indulge it.)”

“I know from my own counselling that anger always has hurt at its core.”

“there is something of her in me; I feel it, behind my ribs. I like to think of it as all the love she never got to give me.”

“that's the thing with secrets. They're leaky; you can't decide to share the bits that suit you without a million questions oozing out. You have to solder a part of yourself shut.”

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