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Gone-Away Lake

Elizabeth Enright

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Now isn't that nice!' said the old lady. 'If cousins are the right kind, they're best of all: kinder than sisters and brothers, and closer than friends.”

“Maybe we benefit from the providence of others more often than we know.”

“Self-pity is the hens' besetting sin," remarked Mr. Payton. "Foolish fowl. How they came to achieve anything as perfect as the egg I do not know! I cannot fathom.”

“Mr. Payton was at work on his pipe again, lighting and coaxing it. "They need constant attention, pipes, like babies and guinea hens," he said, and sucked in the smoke.”

“Yes, except that nothing sleeps inside but furniture, and that's probably gone to pieces by now. Time gets into anything; yes, indeed it does; and weather helps it.”

“When we found this nice green swamp, these nice green millions of reeds instead, why, they were so much better than the mud that we thought it was all just beautiful. And it is beautiful in an odd way, but you have to learn how to see it.”

“Things are always happening to my socks. One's always going off someplace. I don't know why.”

“Portia was affected differently. She felt very quiet with happiness "Oh, I just hope and pray," she said. And Mrs. Cheever walking lightly beside her, said: "Well, I have a feeling, Portia, I have a feeling in my bones that your wish is going to come true." "Do you, Aunt Minnehaha? Honestly? Cross your heart?" "I cross my heart," said Mrs. Cheever. "Yes, indeed I do.”

“Oh yes" Mrs. Cheever laughed a little and shook her head. "In those days it was thought elegant to give names to houses. Mr. Tuckertown, for instance, being southern and romantic, named his house Bellemere, and he nearly died when it was brought to his attention that that name--pronounced a little differently--means 'mother-in-law' in the French language, particularly as his mother-in-law did live with them and was a very strong-minded lady and a close friend of Mrs. Brace-Gideon.”

“Mrs. Cheever's kitchen was calm and cool. Mr. Payton, in a chair by the window, was reading a very old newspaper. "Old news is more soothing to read about," he said. "You know that you have lived through it alright.”

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