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Fault is of the Sufferer

Dada Bhagwan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Misery is vitamin for the Soul (The Real-Self), and happiness is vitamin for the body (The Non-Self).”

“With the support of the knowledge of Vyavasthit (result of Scientific Circumstantial Evidence) and the awakened awareness (jagruti) of One's own Real form (Swaroop), One can observe saiyam (a state free of anger-pride-deceit-greed, attachment and abhorrence) completely.”

“Whose fault is it? The one who is suffering. Which fault? The belief that ‘I am Chandulal’, verily is your mistake. It is the belief that causes all the suffering . When this belief goes away, then no one is guilty in this world.”

“Who gives you pain? Your anger, pride, deceit and greed. Where is the fault of nature in all this?”

“Whereever we get punishment, know that it is our own fault only. How would we be punished otherwise?”

“When one realizes that, 'The Soul is a non-doer,' then one is considered as having attained the right belief of 'I am pure Soul' (samkit).”

“What does the Lord say? "If you want liberation then go to the Gnani Purush (Self-realized One who can help others attain Self-realization) and if you want happiness in worldly life then serve your mother, father and Guru (teacher). In fact, in serving your parents, it is possible to attain tremendous happiness!”

“Veda is in the form of Gnan [spiritual knowledge] and God is in the form of Vignan [spiritual science].”

“Until one sees his own faults, till then he cannot become God.”

“True faith has to be with the awareness of the Self (I am Pure Soul). But here one goes around with the belief of ‘I am Chandubhai’, and that indeed is absence of self awareness (ajagruti).”

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