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Chuck Wendig

Top 10 Best Quotes

“All under the pretense of military application.” He pouts. “No pretense about it. Remember, the Internet was a military application. And now look at how it’s changed our culture.”

“We’re here to change the world, not participate in its tedium.”

“The age of the insect, he thinks. The meek truly shall inherit the earth.”

“That’s why we gotta do good things now. Make good decisions. Try to move the rudder long before the boat ever gets near the iceberg, right?”

“Earth is home to more than twelve thousand species of ants. If you weighed all the ants and all the humans, the ants would weigh more.”

“what happens to the world when antibiotics fail us all? Everything from heart operations to getting a tattoo will go from being rote explorations of the human body to perilous trips like the first pioneers crossing the badlands . . . Once antibiotics go, everything goes. Maybe that won’t be the first domino to fall. Maybe it’ll be the one where we lose all the honeybees, or maybe it’ll be when we lose all the ice caps, or, or, or—”

“the eyes bulging white fruits against the muscles of his cheeks and forehead.”

“competitive exclusion (n) 1. a situation in which one species competes another into extinction.”

“You ever . . . look at a YouTube comments section? You’d . . . want everyone dead . . . too.”

“Why … wouldn’t I? People are people. You ever … look at a YouTube comments section? You’d … want everyone dead … too.”

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