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Cari Thomas

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She threaded it into the music and found the song was different to the one she'd practised. What was coming out of her was new, painful to the touch, as if her fingers were leaving their usual bloodstains on the keys: she was locked in a dark cupboard; watching a picture of her mother curling in the flames of a fire; falling asleep, one hand in Effie's; Attis was reaching out to touch her neck; breaking up pianos in his forge, white keys scattered like bones; there was a small white key she wanted but could not have; a door that was locked, forever.”

“The fire finally crackled but it couldn't chase the loneliness from the house, the loneliness that comes from the space between two people who have nothing left to say to one another. Two people are not quite a family.”

“He had dark, unruly brown hair and a smile that promised many things, none of them good.”

“Yes. I like bear men, but I like the lean ones too. Sometimes I like girls. Depends on my mood." She took the coffee off the barista and inhaled it deeply. "Saying that, I like coffee more than all lovers put together.”

“She wasn't sure what to do next. They were so close. The room so hot. Their anger alive and temporarily frozen like the sparks of only moments ago; Attis's breath fast and heavy and the scent of him suddenly dizzying. Anna looked down. He stepped closer and lifted her chin, his eye's a smoke behind which fire burned-.”

“She could feel his breath on her neck, the heat of him. Her legs were stuck to the floor. The dress hung on her, open. She turned around slowly. It was like losing her free will again, only this time, instead of not being able to feel anything, she could feel it all - too much - not enough - she wanted more. His hands were painful flames on her skin; his lips were longing; his eyes were the place you go before sleep - smoke and dreams and escape. 'Attis,' she exhaled and he lowered himself towards her. The kiss was slow and sweet and agonizing, like one of his magical symbols, turning her molten in his arms; beneath, a fire roared, a heat Anna had never known, a heat that only grew against the impossible softness of his lips. She grabbed at the collar of his shirt as his hands pressed against her back. She wanted to sink into him forever, for every last knot inside of her to come undone. She felt her dress fall of her shoulders...”

“I like a woman with an appetite." "I think you like any woman with a pulse," she pointed out. "A pulse certainly helps.”

“He had a little piece of her soul now and she would see it in every single smirk of his.”

“Aren't you going to get yourself burnt?" "I don't burn easy." "Forged in the fires of hell and all that?" "Something like that.”

“Are you secretly a dwarf? Aren't they always blacksmiths?" "Bit tall for that, aren't I?" "Goblin?" "Too beautiful for that." "Maybe a goblin then…" Anna mused.”

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