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Blake Crouch

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There was simply nothing in his experience that even compared with the thrill of killing to protect his family. In this moment, it was the purpose of his existence. He felt, possibly for the first time in his life, like a fucking man.”

“There is no decent place to stand in a massacre.”

“There is no decent place to stand in a massacre. Leonard Cohen”

“Knew she didn’t need another thing for the rest of her life except to be with him. There was such a peace that accompanied that knowledge.”

“What’s the demographic?” “Men. Women. Children.” “High-velocity GSWs?”

“Usually, those thirty days in hell are as unreachable as if they had happened to another family. But sometimes, like tonight, she feels plugged in to the raw emotion of it all, a closed circuit, and if she doesn’t keep it at arm’s length, it still has the power to break her.”

“The kids crawled into bed and Dee unlocked the door and went back outside. Walked down to the road and stood at the crest of the pass. Thirty-five miles away, Grand Teton punctured the bottom curve of the sun and the nearer peaks were catching alpenglow. The snow and the rock the color of peach skin.”

“Jack, I’m just telling you, if it turns out. . .I want you to shoot me.” “Dee—” "I’m not kidding, not exaggerating, just telling you that I do not have it in me to handle that.” “You have a daughter, too. You don’t have the luxury not to handle shit.”

“I want you to be a fucking man. Do what you don’t do at home. Take care of your family. Be there. Physically. Emotionally—”

“Have five seconds before we open fire.” Jack opened his door and stepped out into the highway.”

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