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The Shadows

Alex North

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Perhaps life was just a matter of doing what you thought was best at the time and then living with the consequences as best you could afterward.”

“Absence of evidence was not evidence of absence.”

“But everything is okay until it isn’t. People are there, large as life and taken for granted, and then they aren’t.”

“As you get older, it [time] all begins to blur into one. You start to think life was never any kind of straight line. It was always more of a ... scribble.”

“Graveyards might have housed the dead below the ground, but what lay above was always for the living; they were the places where people came to deal with the break between what their lives had once been and what they now were. All the times she had come here, she had only really been visiting herself, and her relationship with the past.”

“There were good memories here too. Moments that, looking back on them objectively, had been filled with light. The problem was that what happened later cast such a shadow they were hard to see.”

“It occurred to me that, when my mother died, I would be all that was left of a family I hadn’t known, and for a moment all my adult confidence evaporated and I was left feeling lost and unmoored.”

“And while she was sad to see me leave, I think she was also happy that I was heading out into the world, escaping the past and moving forward into a different present without even glancing behind me. Because, however painful it might be, that’s what all good parents have to do in the end.”

“And just as our dreams are shaped by our reality, there are times like these when our lives can be changed by the dreams we've had.”

“Why was not necessarily a question that mattered. Motivations, causes, reasons—they almost always turned out to be mundane and disappointing. What explanation could there possibly be for the horror she had seen in the quarry that afternoon that would make sense of it? Asking why was like diving into a black hole. The deeper you went, the less light you found.”

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