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Psychology from the Islamic Perspective

Aisha Utz

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The term 'psyche', in fact, comes from the Greek word for soul. From the perspective of Islam, humans are dualistic, possessing both a body and a soul. The body is only a vehicle for the soul. The condition of our soul, and the spiritual level that we attain, affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.”

“we should always hope that things will turn our for the best, and we should especially hope of Allah's mercy and grace.”

“the origin of the word 'psychology' referred to the study of the soul or spirit. Before the separation of science and religion, the topic of the soul held a prominent place in discussions related to psychology.”

“one of the limitations of the scientific method is its limited focus on the physical world and almost complete disregard for spiritual aspects of the human being. In reality, scientists are studying only part of the human being rather that the complete person.”

“it should be noted that an essential variable within the psychotherapeutic process is the client's motivation or willingness to change. If this element is missing, it is difficult or impossible to make any progress, as most mental health professionals will attest. This requires that the client take responsibility for his or her behavior and choices, and exert effort to make the necessary changes.”

“Without these provisions, we would struggle to accomplish our various tasks and to develop our communities, our nations and ourselves. The sun provides us with light and warmth, the sun and moon allow us to calculate time, the earth enables us to grow plants and trees, the sea allows us to travel,”

“Within a few months after birth, temperamental individuality is clearly established. This character then influences a person's reactions to, and interactions with, the environment. The environment may have an impact upon the personality as well.”

“While certain aspects of personality are genetic, experience and the choices that we make also shape who we are. As mentioned earlier, Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) created humans with the potential for both good and evil. The test for every human being is to choose which of these characteristics we will support and develop, and which we will attempt to control or eliminate.”

“When the likes and dislikes of the heart are totally sound then one's actions will follow this, in so far as one is able to act; but the fullness of the reward is due to the sincerity of the heart.”

“We understand from revelation that humans are capable of both good and evil. The soul is not inherently evil, but it has the potential for evil, just as it has the potential for goodness. Goodness, in fact, is probably more prevalent due to the presence of the fitrah. The evil must be controlled, and the self freed from its influence, through the process of purification,”

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