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Commendable Delusions: Tales of Meaning and Imagination

A.T. French

Top 10 Best Quotes

“X marks all spots. I see treasure everywhere.”

“Within every mind there exists a set of storytellers. You have your own set too. They formed you. They are you. Seeking them is the sincerest form of self-discovery.”

“We each have infinite stories inside of us. If we live and breathe, stories are the very thing we're made of. We are nothing if not a web of tangled tales.”

“Something began to happen within me that I did not have the means to comprehend, like a disintegration and re-amalgamation of my soul. What I had no hope to communicate in words began to reveal itself in whatever way it could: in a smile, in a teardrop, in an exhalation that gave heat to the wind. As everything familiar began to mix with the unknown, an awareness began to galvanize from somewhere deep inside of me that I was on my way to becoming something far greater than just one of the many forked paths that whirled before me. In a way, I would become all of them, and more. It was like I had not one, but an infinite number of existences, all of which were true. In that moment, as I stood in the center of my own expanse of possibility, I felt the full immensity of life, for I’d just realized I was limitless.”

“Not everything is possible, but everything that's possible is true.”

“In a way, everything we’ve ever seen across the surface of this earth is what has been dreamed up from the elements that this land contains within. This includes you, as well as me. We are the dreamed, dreaming; beings who one day not long ago were never even dreamed of. Now we do the dreaming.”

“He’d learned that what besets the eye is often a mirage, and that there exists a grander truth beyond the world of appearances; one of which the mind can only access when it surrenders the inexplicable to the imagination, a force he’d learned was far more powerful than every last assembled star across the universe.”

“Don’t just perceive the world before you. Actively generate it. What you see comes as much from inside you as it does from the outside in.”

“Behind every untouched slab of stone is the soft cold smile of an angel looking back at us, but also everything that we can dream of, as well as so much more… That smile can also be warm.”

“Accepting an objective has been realized simply because the criteria aligns does not mean we’ve found the truth. Truth is something greater; it is above deduction and induction, above coincidence, above what appears before us. Things that make sense often blind us to what is really there.”

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