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Open Access Data, Statistics and Scientific Research

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Jecasa Ltd aims to bring you the best and latest information in science and engineering from open access material. This is delivered in the form of reports, blog posts, newsletters, videos, diagrams and infographics.


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Saving you one of the most precious resources in life...time!


Automated Scientific Research

Wouldn't be awesome to be able to get a report on demand summarizing the advances in technology, science, and engineering in a matter of minutes? Well, for this, Jecasa Ltd is developing Orion. Orion is a tool created for the purpose of Automated Scientific Research. Click here to find out more!


Customizable Diagrams

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In our store you will find stunning and fully editable diagrams in .pptx format (PowerPoint) related to technology, sciences and engineering. You can use these diagrams in your reports, thesis, papers, eBooks, books, infographics, online classes, courses, projects, presentations, etc.

JD8 - Pumped Hydro Storage System - Premium.png
JD7 - Modular Multilevel Converter - Premium.png
JD9 - Photovoltaic (PV) System Plus Storage - Premium.png
JD5-Offshore Wind Farm Interconnection to Shore by VSC-HVDC - Premium.png

Or access our free diagrams section here!


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Jecasa Ltd releases educational videos to emphasis the importance of the advances in technology, science, and engineering.