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The research carried out by Jecasa Ltd focuses on renewable energy, cutting-edge technology and software applications in the electric sector (as well as their present and future economic impact). The studies conducted by Jecasa Ltd are of central interest to corporate planners and strategists, stakeholders, energy market researchers, scientific researchers, market leaders as well as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies.



Diagrams in .pptx format (PowerPoint)

Jecasa Ltd (through its brand "Smart Diagrams") also provides you with stunning and fully editable diagrams in .pptx format (PowerPoint) related to the energy and technology sector. You can use these diagrams in your reports, thesis, papers, eBooks, books, infographics, online classes, courses, projects, presentations, etc.

Dissemination of Open Access Research 


Information in Multimedia Format

Jecasa Ltd releases educational videos (based on high quality open access publications) to emphasis the importance of renewable energy, cutting-edge technology and software applications in the electric sector.


Latest Content


A SmartGrid is composed of smart–networks (transmission and distribution), smart–substations, smart–loads, smart–meters, microgrids, etc. A general SmartGrid topology is given in Figure... 

A typical electric power network can be divided into three main parts, namely: generation, transmission and distribution...

Energy Storage - An Economic 

Coming soon!

Do you need a technology report* tailored to your requirements?

*Renewable energy, wind turbines, power electronics, energy storage, VSC-HVDC, smart loads, vector control design, control of multi-terminal VSC-HVDC networks, transient analysis of electric machines, electric and electromechanical systems.