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Show Your Support, Get A Certificate of Appreciation

If you have landed on this page is very likely that you have had access to our free digital content and somehow it has been useful to you. We do not run ads on this website, to make your experience more pleasant.

We focus on delivering free good quality content to the public. Most of our digital content is free of charge. We believe in "Delivering the product first, get rewarded later".

Take this opportunity to get a digital version of a "Certificate of Appreciation" to say thank you for our free digital content. Our free digital content remains free but the financial support obtained from these Certificates of Appreciation help us keep going. This will allow us to be able to produce more free content for you.

If you feel that we have not earned your support yet, keep on accessing our free content and come back later to this page.


Your "Certificate of Appreciation" will be a unique design in the form of a PDF file customized with your name, you will receive this file in your email and you can print it at home, here is an example of it:


You will receive two digital versions of the "Certificate of Appreciation", a US letter size digital file and A4 size digital file. It can take up to 24 Hrs for you to receive the digital files of your "Certificate of Appreciation" in your email. In the mean time you can keep on exploring more free content.

If you do not want to get a "Certificate of Appreciation", you can show your support by contributing straight to our PayPal fund from as little as £1 (or you could choose a higher amount, the choice is yours). No worries, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account for this.

Get a "Certificate of Appreciation" or contribute only if you have used our free content at least once.

You have nothing to lose and everything to win!
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