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Deployment and Operation of Complex Software in Heterogeneous Execution Environments

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Di Nitto Elisabetta et al. (Editors), "Deployment and Operation of Complex Software in Heterogeneous Execution Environments", Springer Nature, 2022, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-04961-3, License:

This open access book provides an overview of the work developed within the SODALITE project, which aims at facilitating the deployment and operation of distributed software on top of heterogeneous infrastructures, including cloud, HPC and edge resources. The experts participating in the project describe how SODALITE works and how it can be exploited by end users. While multiple languages and tools are available in the literature to support DevOps teams in the automation of deployment and operation steps, still these activities require specific know-how and skills that cannot be found in average teams. The SODALITE framework tackles this problem by offering modelling and smart editing features to allow those we call Application Ops Experts to work without knowing low level details about the adopted, potentially heterogeneous, infrastructures. The framework offers also mechanisms to verify the quality of the defined models, generate the corresponding executable infrastructural code, automatically wrap application components within proper execution containers, orchestrate all activities concerned with deployment and operation of all system components, and support on-the-fly self-adaptation and refactoring.


Heterogeneous Computing, Cloud, Edge, Hpc, Iac, Devops, Semantic Reasoning

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