Digital Transformation of Learning Organizations

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Ifenthaler Dirk et al. (Editors), "Digital Transformation of Learning Organizations", Springer Nature, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-55878-9, License:

This open access volume provides insight into how organizations change through the adoption of digital technologies. Opportunities and challenges for individuals as well as the organization are addressed. It features four major themes: 1. Current research exploring the theoretical underpinnings of digital transformation of organizations. 2. Insights into available digital technologies as well as organizational requirements for technology adoption. 3. Issues and challenges for designing and implementing digital transformation in learning organizations. 4. Case studies, empirical research findings, and examples from organizations which successfully adopted digital workplace learning.


Administration, Organization And Leadership, Computers And Education, Educational Technology, Organization And Leadership, Education, Open Access, Digital Technologies For Education, Digital Transformation, Digital Organizational Learning And Education, Digital Tools For Change Management, Transformational Learnins, Transformation Of Educational Organizations, Educational Administration & Organization, Educational Equipment & Technology, Computer-aided Learning (cal)

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