Large-Scale Cognitive Assessment

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Maehler Débora B. and Rammstedt Beatrice (Editors), "Large-Scale Cognitive Assessment", Springer Nature, 2020, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-47515-4, License:

This open access methodological book summarises existing analysing techniques using data from PIAAC, a study initiated by the OECD that assesses key cognitive and occupational skills of the adult population in more than 40 countries. The approximately 65 PIAAC datasets that has been published worldwide to date has been widely received and used by an interdisciplinary research community. Due to the complex structure of the data, analyses with PIAAC datasets are very challenging. To ensure the quality and significance of these data analyses, it is necessary to instruct users in the correct handling of the data. This methodological book provides a standardised approach to successfully implementing these data analyses. It contains examples of and tools for the analysis of the PIAAC data using different statistical approaches and software, and it offers perspectives from various disciplines. The contributing authors have hands-on experience of using PIAAC data, and/or they have conducted data analysis workshops with these data.


Assessment, Testing And Evaluation, Statistics For Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Education Economics, International And Comparative Education, Education, Statistics In Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Education, Behavorial Sciences, Public Policy, Piaac Data, Large-scale Assessment, Data Analysis, Plausible Values, International Comparison, Key Cognitive Skills, Literacy Of Adult Population, Numeracy Of Adult Population, Analysis With Piaac Datasets, Stata, R Software, Open Access, Education: Examinations & Assessment, Social Research & Statistics, Economics Of Specific Sectors

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